MAHO Activities

Issues which MAHO had taken up with the authorities and organisations concerned :

  1. Music/song royalty payments (MACP and PPM)
  2. Service charge
  3. Stimulus Package 2003
  4. Reinvestment allowance
  5. Utility and sewerage charges
  6. Assessment and quit rent
  7. Electricity tariffs with TNB

Activities undertaken :

  1. Seminars i) Human resource ii) Energy efficiency
  2. Co-ordination with/participating in Tourism Malaysia and MOCAT on promotional activities and events
  3. 5-Star weekend package
  4. Cuti-cuti Malaysia programme

The tourism industry is fast growing and expanding from year to year. Hotels being one of the main players in the tourism industry
play a great role in the handling of tourists and tourist development. But the industry too has many challenges where one player (i.e. owner or hotel) cannot handle on its own. Hotel owners have put in great investment in the business and their welfare
and interest are of prime importance.

Thus, with MAHO there is a responsible organisation they can depend on to take care of that as THE OFFICIAL VOICE and REPRESENTATION for all HOTEL OWNERS.


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